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Omegicus Zenith Antivirus

Turbo antimalware speed

Omegicus Zenith Antivirus® - the world's first anti-virus completely written in pure machine code - the language assembler (compiler FlatAssembler). Thats why Zenith provides maximum speed and minimum memory usage of the antivirus.

Protection without leaks

Antivirus has to protect the system, but should not itself become a problem, the damage from which ("Brake") is sometimes comparable to the work of a virus in the system. Meet ZenithAV:


We use the open anti-virus database, except if there is an Internet connection, then ZenithAV leverages cloud scanning, which greatly improves the quality of the scan.


ZenithAV monitors the connection of the portable storage device (USB-flash drives, external drives, etc.), and blocks any attempt to startup. Launching an application with these devices ZenithAV allows only after explicit approval of the user.

System protection

ZebithAV protects your system, rather than hinders it. We do not accept the principle of security software from other manufacturers, when for the sake of suffering heavyweight scanners user of the problem starts with the speed of applications.

The power of simplicity

«Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.» (A.Einstein).

ZenithAV built on the principles of KISS and YAGNI. It is a process and the principle of design, in which the simplicity of the system is declared as the main goals and values.

Easy installation

Just launch

After installing our antivirus and activate it you can forget about it - ZenithAV he will monitor and make decisions regarding opysnyh files, but, at the same time, have complete control over the actions of anti-virus.

Process Monitoring

ZenithAV do the real-time monitoring of programs

Zenith monitors the state of the file system and monitors the integrity and permanence of files. In the case of changes or access to the file there is a full scan it to make sure that the file is not infected.

Wolfram Tools

File encryption tool

Zenith comes with additional tools - set Omegicus Wolfram®, which allows you to easily and securely protect files from a vulnerable or important information by encrypting the dual algorithm, and for each of them, you can specify a separate key-password.


Omegicus Zenith
Omegicus Zenith
Omegicus Zenith

Why ZenithAV?


Omegicus ZenithAV®



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Realtime protection

Install ZenithAV®
Quick and easy installation. After installation, you must enter a license key purchased product.
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Omegicus ZenithAV Technologies

Your personal information is protected

Zenith protects your photo documents and letters from the theft and publication on the web.

USB-devices without viruses

Some innocuous at first glance stick and memory card are sometimes whole zoo of pests. Zenith protects your USB-device and cleans infection from the stick of friends and relatives.

Secure online payments

Thanks to effective protection against leakage of information, cybercriminals can not steal your credit card. Zenith provides secure payments on the Internet!

Forget about the "brakes"

You have heard that anti-virus programs cause "brake"? It is time to change the attitude to security software. Outpost - it is a "silent" does not overload system resources virus protection. Outpost good job and your brakes!



2016/05/09 — the first public version of ZenithAV.