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Omegicus Wolfram

Omegicus Wolfram is a lightweight and simple to handle application created to provide you with the means of quickly encrypting and decrypting a file, also being able to calculate its hash sums with a single button press.

Shell-integration for quick access

Upon installation, the program integrates into your context menu, thus offering you instant access to its functions, just by right-clicking the targeted file.

Nonetheless, the utility also features a proper interface, which is called out whenever you select the function you wish to use ‘Get Hash of File’, or Encrypt File by Wolfram’, from the shell menu, or when launching its executable.

Swiftly encrypt and decrypt files or calculate their hash

In order to obtain the hash value of a document, you need only select the ‘Get Hash of File’ option when right-clicking it and Omegicus Wolfram will display a medium-sized window, automatically determining the ASCIIZ, GOST, MD5, SHA and Skein hash.

By pressing on the ‘String’ button, the tool removes the data from all the text fields, allowing you to load a different file and calculate its hash. Moreover, you can encrypt an item by entering the one or two different passwords. However, bear in mind that they will also be required for decryption.

Omegicus Wolfram generates a OWC file accessible only with the correct password, but does not delete the original document, enabling you to dispose of it however you please. At the same time, the utility lets you encode and decode files through a simpler interface, accessible from the context menu.

A reliable file encryptor and hash calculator

In summary, Omegicus Wolfram is a practical and efficient software solution that you can resort to for protecting the contents of sensitive files, particularly during transfers, or verifying their integrity via hash calculations.

ГОСТ 34.11.-94 | GOST 34.11.-94 |  ГОСТ 34.11-2012 "Стрибог" |  GOST 34.11-2012 "Stribog" |  MD5 |  SHA-1 |  CRC32 и PJW32


Version 2.2

Download wolfram-2.2-win32.exe (83 Kb)

Omegicus Wolfram

Omegicus Wolfram


Download wolfram-2.2-win32.exe (83 Kb)

Download GOST-14 Stribog Encrypting tool

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